Soundboard (#88)

My soundboard with several sound effects.

I have a great little audio-recording studio and Articluate’s eLearning Challenge #88 gave me an opportunity to play with some of the effects in Audacity that I’ve never tried before. (Audacity is a free audio editor. I use it to clean-up my narration files before embedding them in other eLearning tools like Storyline or Captivate.)

I chose several effects from Audacity's effects menu.

The Audacity effects menu.

This is not what I was supposed to work on today and it always amazes me how quickly I can get things done without distractions.

My first layout had the original recording in the middle surrounded by Tempo, Pitch, Faster and Slower. After I organized the layers, it became apparent that there should be a Venn diagram of sorts: Faster/Slower alter both the Pitch and Tempo of the audio. So that’s what I ended up with.

The original recording is in the middle, surrounding by sound effects.

The original layout didn’t connect Faster/Slower with Pitch or Tempo.

Click to open my soundboard.

Click the image to see the interactive soundboard.

The layers show the actual settings used to achieve the effect that you’re hearing. I kept thinking this might actually help me some day, like a quick reference to the Audacity settings. But it’s faster just to preview the settings I think.

A layer showing the actual settings used.

Each layer shows the actual settings used to achieve the sound being heard.

Both the “Reverse” and the “Faster” still make me laugh when I listen to them! A fun challenge!

Click here to see my soundboard.

2 Responses to “Soundboard (#88)”

  1. Joanne

    I loved this example! The “before” and “after” versions were relevant and informative. I also liked the way you grouped them into a venn diagram- makes it easier to grasp the types of changes. Almost makes me want to create my own mini-tutorlal on the “DIY Guide Top 10 most useful Audacity tricks for voiceover cleanup and editing”. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Jane

      Thanks for visiting, Joanne! I’m glad I can inspire you! I’ve seen your stuff through the Challenges and you inspire me too! Please share your DIY Guide for Audacity when it’s ready. I’d love to see/hear it! Best of luck with everything.

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