On-Screen Dialogue (#105)

Dialogue is often featured in branching scenarios. The best tool I know for branching scenarios is BranchTrack.

Cathy Moore wrote a post that touched on branching a little while ago. She recommended developing the “correct” branch first, then adding all the distractors and other branches later. That is great advice. In the past, I have found myself wallowing in the soup of too much dialogue! Focusing on the correct branch takes away all the complexity until you can get your head around it.

For Challenge #105, David asked about on-screen representations of conversations. My favourite example is the text message representations on House of Cards. I think they’re elegant and don’t detract from the action. You watch the character and his reaction to the text rather than trying to read the screen on a phone… which can date a scene badly in just a year or so. (Think of all those cut-out characters talking on flip-phones! So old-tech!)

BranchTrack does an excellent job of on-screen conversations and I hope to use this tool on a client project in the coming months so this is a good test. This is a “web object” embed – my first. Like everything Articulate, it works like charm!

Click this image to experience the on-screen conversation.

Click this image to experience the on-screen conversation.