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My Unfair Advantage

One round object stands out from the others.

My Unfair Advantage

The Problem:

Your learners (employees, contractors, end-users) need to learn something, or be aware of something, critical to your bottom line.

The Solution:

Interactive online learning or maybe just a narrated video.

My Unfair Advantage:

I’m a writer, above all else. I write clear, concise explanations and instructions.

I’m an instructional designer. I design online learning events that engage audiences, keep them interested and test their ability.

I’m a good developer. I have the technical skill to create online learning efficiently. My tools of choice are Camtasia, Storyline and Captivate.

I have a good voice for narration. I read well and have a professional studio in which to record. You can hear a sample here.

I’m the whole package. Instead of outsourcing your elearning to a company with sales people, instructional designers, developers and testers, you get all those skills in one package: me. You deal with one point of contact, one highly-skilled, competent, experienced instructional designer who even has a flare for design! I’ll book the meetings, interview the subject matter experts, write the script, organize the reviews, produce the eLearning, publish it and test it. I can even set you up with an evaluation scheme.

What are you working on? Let me know how I can help.

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