Creative Buttons (#89)

Creative Buttons: a screenshot of the slide of weather buttons

In this sample, I was playing with different ways to make buttons more engaging.

This week’s challenge was Creative Button Styles and Effects. We had quite a thunderstorm last night so I thought I’d use weather as my theme for this super-fun challenge!

Buttons have many states. The challenge was to come up with some creative displays for those states. I chose normal, on hover and selected. The on-hover states are the most fun but they don’t work well on a tablet, which is unfortunate. If you’re looking at this from a tablet, I apologize: you’re not getting the real experience.

A stack of weather buttons.

Click to see the final product.

First, I created the ‘ghost buttons’. Next, I created the Hover and Selected states for each button to represent what the button stood for. That involved creating lightening, snowflakes and a sun, all in PowerPoint.

Right-click a graphic in PowerPoint, then choose "Save as Picture" to export as a PNG.

Create simple graphics in PowerPoint, then “Save as Picture” to export them as PNG files.

Once the buttons looked the way I wanted, I still had to get them to do something when you click on them. So I cropped some photos and put them on layers. All the photos are from Unsplash, except ‘Snow’, which is mine.

I was greatly influenced in this challenge by Jeff Kortenbosch, whose style I admire and some buttons created by Rachel Barnum, which had part of the button-state outside the lines. Imagine that! Colouring outside the lines!

Click here to see the final product.

Click here to download the Story file.