For Catherine

Hello Catherine!

Here’s the proposal I put forward at Breakfast:

You have an email list of speakers and travel agents(?). I build online courses.

I’d like to build an online course to help people (all kinds) build online courses! To do this I need an audience.

It occurred to me that you have that audience. If you’re serious about this, I’ll build a course with you (and your list) as my audience. I’ll discover:

  • your pain points
  • what you need in an online course
  • your biggest hurdles

so that I can build a course that delivers real value!

In return, you’ll get an online course!

Here’s what I’ve been working on for Skilljar. I’ve thought of this as a marketing piece, to get my name out there, but as it evolved, it occurred to me that I might be able to sell it to the right audience… if I remove “Skilljar”. I’d love to hear your feedback! (It’s not finished yet! Videos 2 and 3 have been approved, but not 4 and 5, and 1 is still in the storyboard stage.)

Video 1: The Introduction is still under construction, so it’s missing from this playlist:

I can also create interactive eLearning modules like this one I did for Husky (don’t tell them I’m sharing it with you!)

Thank you, Catherine, for your attention and energy! I think together we could make a really awesome product! I hope you agree! j

Jane Maduke




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