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Can anyone create an online course?

Knowledge plus action equal Power

Knowledge plus action equal Power

There is lots of evidence out there that you don’t need a degree in instructional design to build an online course. Everyone seems to be doing it! Some are making money at it. Many are sharing their passions with the world.

But does that mean anyone can build an online course?

Of course, there are things you might want to know before you tackle an online course. (There’s a whole elearning industry!) Lots of what you need to know to create truly effective online courses is already out there, on the web. Anyone can learn the skills to create an awesome online course. It helps if you’re already teaching something.

Before building an online course, you must know your audience and you must know what they need to do. So if you’re already teaching something, you have access to your audience. The audience is the instructional designer’s biggest challenge.

An effective online course:

  • Motivates learners
  • Shares skills and knowledge
  • Compels learners to act

Knowledge is not enough! You must take action. Anthony Robbins.

In the end, I believe the answer is YES! Anyone can create an online course.

As an instructional designer who’s been building online learning for more than 8 years, I also believe that any skill or knowledge can be trained online. If you can train it in person, you can train it online. You just have to figure out how! And that’s the part I find truly exciting and fascinating.

Anyone can teach anything online.


In the next few months, I’m going to build a course called “Riding in Traffic”. I ride my bike in traffic all year long (I live in Calgary, Canada) and I know lots of people who are hesitant to ride in traffic. I want to help them. I want to encourage more people to ride their bikes.

Join me on this journey!

Are you afraid to ride your bike in traffic? Sign up for my newsletter; I definitely need your voice to guide me in my development! (You are my audience!)

Do you ride? Sign up for my newsletter; I’d love to hear your opinions about the opinions I’ll be expressing in my course.

Maybe you want to create a course for YOUR special interest? Sign up for my newsletter; I want to know if the tips I’m sharing are relevant to you.

I am passionate about lifelong learning. The Internet has given us all this amazing platform to share our wealth of knowledge and expertise. I want to share what I know so you can share what you know!

Knowledge plus action equal Power



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