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Before and After (#100)

Articulate Storyline Slider example: Before and After

My mother-in-law owns a small island, off a larger island, off Vancouver island. We go there to unplug twice a year. We were on our way back when David posted the “Before and After” challenge, #100. How timely! We had just finished painting the inside of our little off-grid, rain-water and propane-driven cabin.

This interaction is for my family, so they can see the paint job we did in “Granpa’s Cabin.”

To save time, I tried to recreate Michael Hinze’s example of the Berlin Wall, which I thought was just brilliant! I’ve never worked with sliders before and this was a great introduction, although no triggers were necessary. That Michael is a clever dude. I’m sure I’ll be using more sliders in the future!

Articulate Storyline Slider example; screenshot

Before and After shot of Granpa’s Cabin, with a slider interaction.

To get this to work, I had to really study Michael’s screenshot and blog post.

The After picture goes on the bottom; on a regular slide. The Before picture is the fill for the slider thumb. That’s thinking outside the box! I love learning tricks like this.

Here’s the interaction.

And here’s the STORY file.

One Year Later…

We were back at the cabin again this September and I had a new camera! I wanted to try a timelapse video of the tide coming in. On sunny, warm days we sit on the dock, read and watch the tide come in. It’s a REAL vacation!

With the first photo and last photo, I thought I’d try to recreate the Before&After I made a year ago and it turned out quite well, I think. (The photography isn’t that great. I’ve signed up for a course to brush up on my photography skills.)

Here’s the Tide video and interaction.


6 Responses to “Before and After (#100)”

  1. Benedict Chia

    Hi Jane, this is cool, I see a potential way of using sliders to show before and after from a “waste management / lean thinking” example. May I use your example as a base template?

    Newbie articulate storyline community member -Benedict

    • Jane

      Welcome, Benedict! Absolutely, you can use my slider example. I’ll send you a link to the STORY file via email. Thanks for dropping by.

      • Ed Wilson

        Hi Jane. I loved the slider of the water tide. Would you mind sharing with me the storyline file. thanks.

        • Jane

          Thanks for dropping by, Ed. The time-lapse is a video I generated with new camera. I’ve sent you the file directly. Let me know if you have questions. j

  2. dani jones

    Hi Jane,
    I agree with Benedict. Very cool. May I also get a copy of your articulate story?

    • Jane

      Sure, Dani. I’ve had a few requests for this… there, I just posted it. But I’ll also send it to you directly. Good luck with it!


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