Add Video (#95)

This week we were challenged to incorporate video into our elearning to engage learners. Many of my colleagues used cinemagraphs for this challenge and I’d love to learn how to make them! I’ll add that to my learning list. This week I have no time, so I came up with a very simple solution.

Recently, I took advantage of a free trial to Bigstock to download some videos. Without a project in mind, I wasn’t sure which videos would be appropriate so I just grabbed a variety. For this challenge, I looked through the videos I had until I found something interesting to which I could add some text.

I used Camtasia to speed up the video and add the fade-to-white. It was also useful for timing the text animations in Storyline. In Camtasia, I can scrub the timeline more effectively than in Storyline. Maybe my computer is too slow.

A simple message ("Think outside the box" on a video background.

A simple message with a video background.

I’m having fun these days using a completely transparent player. I sampled the sides of the fishbowl for the main text, but also the colours used in the seekbar and the link (top right). Click here to see a simple but engaging video!

Have a great day!

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  1. Jackie Van Nice

    I love this, Jane! Such a cute idea – and so beautifully done! Thanks for explaining your process. 🙂

    • Jane

      Thanks, Jackie. Always such an honour to have you visit! j

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